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Innovative and adaptable retail tech for leading retailers and consumer brands.

In the retail industry, digital investments are becoming increasingly critical for companies, to ensure they meet consumers needs and fend off competition. The technology helps them operate an adaptable retail business, that is more responsive to customer needs than ever before.

Acceltech constantly scans the tech market to identify innovative and smart solutions, solving challenges common to retailers and consumer brands.

Partnering with solution and service providers, grants us detailed knowledge and insights, and together with them we can deliver the best possible solutions to both challenges and opportunities.

Investing time, money, and expertise, we as investors help carefully selected start-up and scale-up retail tech companies, capable of creating a fundamental impact in the retail value chain, bring their product to the market and grow their business.

Our retail tech partners

Omnichannel mobile solution, integrating all payment options into one. Physical retail is still dominated by cash and card payments, but many new and more effective payment options are emerging, such as Swish, Klarna, and Account to Account. But how do you give your customers access to them into your store? Focalpay ensures that the payment methods are integrated into our payment gateway – you simply need to integrate us into your system. Added bonus: imagine how much money you could save by removing your reliance on card payment. Focalpay makes that a reality.

Banking as a Service (Baase) offers a complete banking processes, such as accounts, payments or credit, as a service through modern API-driven platforms. Baase offers speed, collaboration, and specialization, enabling companies to bring new propositions to customers. Third-party brands can embed financial services in context to create better end-to-end journeys for their customers. A Baase-provider does not need a license to provide these services.

IBM is a large vendor, and our partnership is related to Sterling Order Management. The solution enable retail capabilities such as inventory visibility (across the enterprise), ordering and ship from other stores (including click and collect), return of online purchases, and store-to-store transfer. This will help retailers to do intelligent order fulfillment leading to a better customer satisfaction, higher sales and better profitability.

Millbyte Solutions and the ALYSON platform supports your entire supply chain fulfillment process. A fully integrated solution from order and warehouse. management to customer delivery. In addition, they provide a store solution to enable picking and fulfillment from store.

Easycom provide solutions for a smart digital customer return experience and a business action board for unique insights. The solutions help online retailers to improve customer experience while lowering the returns handling cost at the same time. In addition, you can use the business action board to optimize the returns process and collect insights to prevent returns from happening.

Kairos Logic
Kairos Logic provide AI enabled dynamic warehouse optimization plugins to improve your picking operation. The solution will enable an increased picking capacity and a reduced operational picking cost without replacing the existing warehouse management solution (WMS).

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