Fredrik Larson

Store shelves will be empty without a lean supply chain

My experience stems from being a managing partner in a larger consultancy firm within Supply Chain Management and Operations in Scandinavia, and leading the turnaround team within IKEA Range & Supply organization. At IKEA, our mission was to support critical suppliers across Europe, North America and Asia in getting back on track and re-entering the development agenda. During my time at IKEA, I was also responsible for supplier development within the LEAN framework.  

It’s all about foreseeing the weak links

I am an advisor and leader, with deep insights and understanding of the retail value chain. I am also passionate about delivering customer satisfaction in a profitable way, by developing people and organizations in the best collaborative way. My experience and curiosity regarding new methods and ways of solving various challenges, in combination with a hands-on toolbox, are what I bring to our clients, stimulating their business in terms of customer satisfaction, growth, operations excellence, and profitability.

Why Acceltech?

I am a big fan of the old proverb If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. This perfectly sums up the reason for joining Acceltech. Also, it is always more fun to work together as a team, than alone.

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