Jonas Hessler

Retail development and transformation

I am a senior executive leader, with a broad knowledge and long international experience. My retail experience is based on more than 15 years within IKEA, most recently as Global Head of Ecommerce and Digital Channel, and before that as Store Manager in Frankfurt.

Prior to IKEA, I have worked with Supply Chain Management and customer centric digital development as a management consultant, and with product development for the Bosch Group in the automotive industry in Sweden, Germany and the USA.

The more complex the problem, the happier I am

Leading and delivering in change has made deep retail market insights and development of business and organizations part of my DNA. I have a passion for developing people, and a talent for managing complexity and situations where innovation and change is necessary to grow the business.

By constantly challenging the way we do things, we make progress. If you want a different result, you have to try a different approach.

Why Acceltech?

Daring to do things differently may be going against convention, but it is also a deliberate expression of a constant search for development and improvement. With Acceltech, I have the opportunity to work with smart people, that have bright ideas and a passion for innovation.

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