Mats Larsson

A retailer straight through

My experience comes from working in retail, where I have run several large grocery stores, operated an online grocery business for several years, and have had central roles within Coop and ICA. Through this, I have gained major insights when it comes to generating growth and profit. I have also been a board member in the ICA holding company for 10 years, and taken a retail-focused real estate company to the stock market as part of the company board.

I am still an active ICA Maxi retailer, giving Acceltech the advantage of having the opportunity to test new solutions in real life on the shop floor.

Knowing your customer is the key factor

I am an experienced retailer, who has the ability to develop businesses with strong customer focus. Since digitalization has become crucial when it comes to operating the business, generating growth, and handle marketing, I use digital tools to get to know my customers, create market plans, help my co-workers develop and follow up on results. From my perspective an omni-channel approach is a foundation for meeting the customer, wherever they are. I constantly try new ways to enhance customer value, for instance, by adding new convenient payment methods.

Why Acceltech?

I have a passion for generating growth and profit by focusing on customers and co-workers. Combining new technological and digital solutions with deep and far-reaching retail knowledge is our my passion within Acceltech, and it feels great to be part of creating accelerated growth.

+46 70-53 80 480