Peter Fischer

Developing companies is my passion

I have extensive experience from running companies with strong operational growth, in combination with acquisitions. In 2008–2019 I was the CEO of Visma Retail, where we developed the business from SEK 200 million in sales to SEK 1.3 billion, and about 15 companies. I held a position in Visma’s Group Management throughout this time. In addition, I have held CEO positions and senior positions in companies like Fujistsu Tekronix and others, and spent a number of years in Asia as CEO of an investment company and refined this business.

Creating simplicity out of a complex reality

Impossible data is one of my favorite challenges, especially in paradigm shifts such as Retail versus E-commerce, where the benefits of IT and the strong technology development can be what determine a retailer’s future. To me it is also important that we develop each other, our clients and customers in a positive and stimulating spirit.

Why Acceltech?

With the knowledge I have in technology and Mergers and Acquisitions, in combination with the passion I have for retail, starting a business together with a great group of professionals, based on the motto Building fine, long-term, sustainable companies with good profitability, based in the Nordics, felt like a perfect match for me.

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